​​Artistic Director :
Jeannie Mark. QSM


    A Blenheim Musical Theatre Production Directed by Duncan Whiting and Choreographed by Jeannie Mark Involves senior students from DANCE on grove A musical like no other
    April 20-May 5th
  2. Blenheim Dancing Competitions
    An Outstanding weekend with local and national competitors in Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Contemporary Dance At the ASB Theatre
    June 15-17
  3. Ballet Exams
    Royal Academy of Dance Examinations for Grade One to Advanced Two There will be a workshop prior to the exams Closing date for entries July 5th Dates are approximate
    Sept 21-25
  4. Mid-Year Ballet Production
    Waiting at this stage to see if we have another opportunity to have Joshua Guillemot-Rodgerson perform with DANCE on grove for 2018 Will let you know as soon as I can:-)
    July 6-7
  5. Marlborough Performing Arts
    A huge Competition event which takes place at the ASB Theatre Performers come nationally for Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Highland, Speech & Drama, Vocal & Instrumental First week of September Holidays
    'THE LITTLE MERMAID' A full musical Production of this popular animated story Rights presently under contract I know 'Shrek' blew peoples minds and you will love this one just as much
    Dec 1-4